Courtesy Listing Program

Program Overview

United Animal Friends’ Courtesy Listing Program is for individuals who find it necessary to rehome their pet.  Many caring owners want to see that their pet goes to a good home.  Since our foster homes are often filled to capacity, your pet will stay with you until a new home is found.  This makes the move to a new home less traumatic for your pet and allows you to be a part of the adoption process. 

Finding an appropriate home for your pet can take a month or longer.  It is not realistic to do a courtesy list if you have only 1-2 weeks in which to find a new home for your pet, although it is possible for an adoption to occur in a shorter period depending on the owner’s level of participation in the process and the public’s interest in the pet.

In the event the adoption does not work out and you are unable to take your pet back, please provide the name and contact information of a friend or relative (Guardian) who is willing to take your pet in while it is relisted in the Courtesy Listing program.  Please do not rely on UAF to take your pet in as our foster homes are generally full.

Courtesy Listing Process

  • Complete a Courtesy Listing Guardian Questionnaire for your dog or cat. One of our Courtesy Listing Coordinators will contact you.
  • If your pet is accepted into the program, you will need to provide:
    • Photos and a brief biography of your pet which will be posted on UAF’s website.
    • Printed proof of spay or neuter. Your pet must be spayed or neutered to be eligible for the program.
    • Printed proof of vaccinations. These should accompany your pet to all adoption events. Your pet must be up to date on vaccinations to be eligible for the program.
    • For cat adoptions, printed proof of a current, negative SNAP test (screens cats for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) antibody and feline leukemia virus (FeLV) antigen).
    • You must be available for meetings with any potential adopters and a UAF volunteer at a convenient time. Cats must be in carriers.
    • At the time of adoption, you will be required to sign a statement relinquishing your pet to the adopter
  • Once your pet becomes part of the Courtesy Listing Program, we will place their photos and information on our website, with a UAF volunteer listed as the contact for inquiries.  You or a designee will be required to show your pet a minimum of twice each month at our weekend adoption events.  Potential adopters must fill out an application (available under your pet’s website listing) to adopt your pet.  For dog adoptions, a home visit to the potential adopter’s home will be conducted by a UAF volunteer to ensure that the home is the right fit for the pet. 

    An adoption fee will be payable to UAF by the adopter.  UAF requires an adoption fee for several reasons:  It shows that your animal has value, is important to you, and that the adopter can afford to take care of your animal’s needs.  You want the best for your animal.  “Free” animals often become homeless animals.  Please remember that we have many years of experience in placing animals in loving forever homes.

Can our program help you?

If you feel that the Courtesy Listing Program may be helpful to you, please fill out the dog or cat questionnaire and one of our coordinators will contact you. For questions, please leave a message at 928-778-2924.

Orange Tabby Kitten Twins

Describe the dog you wish to rehome and agree to the Courtesy Listing terms

Describe the cat you wish to rehome and agree to the Courtesy Listing terms

Courtesy Listing Resources

Policies related to courtesy listings.

Policies related to courtesy listings.

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