Community Cat Program

Through our Community Cat Program, UAF works with ‘Colony Caretakers’ who manage and care for the local feral cat population.

To support local Colony Caretakers, UAF: 

  • Through our Spay/Neuter Certificate Program UAF provides no cost certificates for feral cats
    Caretakers trap feral cats and take them to local vets for alteration and ear-tipping, which identifies the cat as having been altered.
  • TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return)
    UAF relies on Colony Caretakers to return the altered feral cats to their colonies and continue to monitor the colony for any new cats that need to be altered.
  • UAF does not remove cats from feral colonies. Research has shown that TNR is the most humane and effective manner to care for feral cat colonies.

The UAF Spay/Neuter Certificate Program partially funded by the Arizona Companion Animals Spay and Neuter Committee.  Funding is raised through the sale of Pet-Friendly License Plates and donations through Arizona Resident Personal Income Tax Return Form 140.

Orange Tabby Kitten Laying Casually on Floor next to Litter Box
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