Jim Bob & Sir Thaddeus Triscuits III

UAF Success Story

Like any curious kitten, Jim Bob wanted to try new things. One of the things he decided to try was the resident dog’s dinner, but unfortunately, the dog disagreed. A scuffle ensued and Jim Bob’s tiny skull ended up fractured in two places. After emergency treatment at the veterinary clinic, he went home with Suzy, our Cat Coordinator, who also happens to be a nurse. Suzy needed to find a way to protect Jim Bob’s fragile skull because even a bump could be fatal, so she did some research and found an example of a crocheted helmet, which another volunteer made for him. Jim Bob recovered, but was left with significant vision deficits.

Sir Thaddeus Triscuits III, aka Sir Lovesalot, aka Teddy came to UAF at four months old, with a hole about the size of a quarter in his left thigh. The wound was old and he had learned to walk with the leg tucked under him, while using his tail for balance. The leg needed to be amputated and afterwards, Teddy went to Suzy’s to recover. When he arrived, Jim Bob greeted him like an old friend. Neither of them had a very good kittenhood so far, but they made up for it by playing, eating and sleeping together. Where one was lacking in life skills, the other showed the way. Jim Bob taught Teddy that dogs are OK, while Teddy encouraged Jim Bob to explore heights. Together, they made a great team and are now a bonded pair helping each other through life.

Gray Tabby Kitten with Knitted Crochet Hat
Oratnge and Brown Tabby Kittens Playing with Cat Toys
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