Hoarding Situation

UAF Success Story

UAF rescued a group of matted Maltese mixes who came from a hoarding situation where they’d been confined to a bathroom their entire lives. When they were seized by animal control, they were found with no food or water. Some were so matted, their fur was a solid mass. When we decided to take them in, we didn’t know much about them. We didn’t know if they had health or emotional issues, or how long it would take before they would be ready for adoption. We only knew that the frightened pups would be much better off in our loving foster homes than in a noisy shelter.

Each blossomed at a different rate. They ran from humans, but liked other dogs.

  • Oliver quickly discovered the joys of human attention and was adopted within a month.
  • Mia was afraid of her food and took more time to learn to trust.
  • Pearl would not eat for the first few days, and then would eat only if no one watched. Her foster mom made a point of playing with her other pets in front of Pearl so she could see that they were happy and safe.
  • Lulu was very skittish but, luckily, her adopters were as patient as her foster mom. They came to visit three times to let her get used to them and then, on the second visit to their home, she stayed for good.
  • It took Allie two months to relax enough to be adopted by a retired woman who has lots of time and love to give her.
  • Benny bonded with his foster mom but panicked when she had visitors, jumping from a second floor balcony to escape. It took two days to get him back, but one week later, his perfect match was found and he is now living in the lap of luxury.

All are now happy and loved. Rescues like these take patience, but happy endings like these make it all worthwhile.

Maltese Rescue Dog with Matted Hair
White Maltese Dog Resting in Owner's Lap While Owner Sleeps
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