Broken Dog to Therapy Dog

UAF Success Story

Cruiser was found as a stray in Gallup and taken to a shelter there, his rear leg hanging uselessly. Xrays showed a bad break that could not be repaired, and revealed a surprise – the poor guy had been so hungry that he had resorted to eating rocks. United Animal Friends had the broken leg
amputated, which was a relief for Cruiser, and was then fostered by a UAF volunteer with a nursing background.

He was adopted a few months later and his new mom, recognizing his potential, trained him as a therapy dog. Cruiser now goes on regular hospital visits, brightening the lives of patients, visitors and staff. His mom says, “He is such a happy boy and radiates love wherever he goes.” 

Reflecting on these two photos – one before adoption and one after, she added “What a difference
adoption makes in the life of a pup.” And what a difference this pup makes in the lives of others!

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