*Yoda - Special Needs (Adopter or Forever Foster) - Adult - Male

Yoda is a domestic short hair black male who is 5  1/2 years old. He is a special needs kitty and is looking for a sympathetic adopter or for a permanent United Animal Friends foster person. As a permanent foster, UAF would assist with the costs of care including food, litter, medicines and any approved veterinary care.

He is quite friendly but had a number of issues that he has overcome – he has a vision and hearing deficient but he can see shadows and can hear and respond when you call to him. He has no sense of smell, so he is a bit picky about his food as a sense of smell is important when eating.

But Yoda can do well in a stable home…he can explore and learn his way around so long as his food, water and litter box are kept in the same location. Because of his situation, Yoda must be the ONLY pet in his forever home.

He likes to be petted and interact with people and he has a favorite toy that he loves to play with. Check out the video of him playing with his favorite toy.

Yoda is on a stress diet at this time and has been placed on Prozac which he will need to be on for the rest of his life. The Prozac is important for his comfort and happiness.

There is no fee if he is adopted or if he is taken as a permanent foster.

If you would like to learn more about him, please contact Suzy at 928-848-6191. If she does not answer immediately, leave a voice message or send her a text message.


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