UAF Lucky Ducky Fundraiser

50 50 Fundraiser logo

United Animal Friends invites you to "foster" a duck in our Lucky Ducky fundraiser.

• Lone Duck for $10 (1 Ticket)
• Quack Pack for $25 (3 Tickets)
• Fuzzy Flock for $50 (7 Tickets)

Each rubber duck has a number printed on its underside. When you purchase a ticket or tickets, we will email you your Lucky Ducky number(s) so you can root for your duck(s). Only 750 tickets will be sold!

Once the final ticket is purchased, UAF will hold a virtual event, where all 750 ducks will be floated in a pool and removed one at a time. The ticket holders for the last three ducks floating will win.

• $750 prize for the last duck floating
• $400 prize for the second to last duck floating
• $250 prize for the third to last duck floating

Winners will be contacted by phone or email.

Ducks will remain the property of United Animal Friends to be used in future events.

• Purchaser must be 18 years or older and must be a legal resident of Arizona. Tickets may not be purchased in the name of a minor.
• Tickets are not tax deductible and are not considered a donation to UAF.
• 2 forms of ID are required to claim the prize.
• UAF Board members and their immediate family members who live at the same address are not eligible for ticket purchase.
• Winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all taxes related to the prize.