Success Stories

United Animal Friends experiences some incredibly challenging and some very happy pet rescues.  Here are a few stories of the animal rescues we receive and a glimpse at how these special pets have touched our hearts.

It took four years for Kaycee to find her forever home.  It wasn't that she had trouble getting adopted; it was that once adopted, she had trouble staying at home.  No matter what type of fence her adopters had, Kayceee could and would climb it and run.  She was adopted more than once, but kept being returned because her new families just couldn't keep her home.  Maybe Kaycee knew that the person who needed her was still out there and she couldn't rest until she found her.  And she did.  When Kaycee and Lynsie met, Kaycee's purpose was defined.  Lynsie has Autism and was searching for the right dog who could be trained to become her service dog.  Kaycee is now in training and has already helped Lynsie through some difficult times.  We're confident that Kaycee's roaming days are over now that she has met her destiny.


TuffyTuffy2 earned his name by being not just a survivor, but a winner!  Tuffy was on the run for three weeks with a wire wrapped around his leg but when he was finally caught, he won everyone's hearts with his winning personality.  His leg was so badly injured that it had to be amputated, but Tuffy just kept on smiling. He has since been adopted and probably now has his person wrapped around his paw, which is way better than having a wire wrapped around it!


 Bessie croppedBessie
Bessie was found, emaciated and crying, in the middle of the road in Prescott Country Club. She was taken to Kitty City, where the volunteer caring for her noticed that she was lethargic and not eating, and had "produced" a small piece of plastic netting.  When the volunteer took her to the vet, she let them know what she had observed, and they found that she had a ball of plastic netting the size of a golf ball in her stomach.  Poor Bessie must have been so hungry while living on the streets that she ate the plastic out of desperation. Thanks to her caregiver, who probably saved Bessie's life by being so observant, she is now a healthy, happy cat who will never go hungry again.


A likeable, attentive dog, Pips was adopted from the shelter in no time. And in no time he was returned. In fact, poor Pips was adopted three times from the same shelter and returned each time. It wasn’t that he was a bad dog; it was just that no one could keep up with his need for exercise and obsession with balls. Being put back in that cell once again with no outlet for his energy was an unbearable frustration for Pips, which began turning into aggression toward other dogs.

Knowing that he wouldn’t last long at a kill shelter under those circumstances, Joellyn, a United Animal Friends volunteer, took him into UAF’s care and worked to find him a match. Once again, he was adopted and returned.

It was apparent that Pips just wasn’t going to fit into a normal family environment, so Joellyn got creative. Through networking and Internet research, she discovered the University of Washington’s Center for Conservation Biology, which takes in rescued, ball-obsessed dogs like Pips and trains them to hunt for animal scat.

At their own expense, Joellyn and her husband flew him to the center for testing, and found that he is an excellent scat detective. Pips was accepted into the program and, now that he has a focus for his energy, he has never been happier. Thanks to one United Animal Friends volunteer’s ability to put the animal’s needs first and to think outside the box, Pips has finally found his true home.


  • "I can't ever tell you how much this little guy means to me. It's a joy everyday I get to spend with him." - Heath S.

  • "I would just like to thank you for helping me out with dog food, you guys are life savers! I definitely have enough food to make it until payday now, I really appreciate your help!" - Faith K.

  • "Thank you, United Animal Friends, for all you did to help our sweet new puppy, Daisy Mae!  She is a darling dog who sure had a rocky start to her life.  Thank you for the emails and phone calls while she wasn't feeling well.  We appreciate how United Animal Friends truly cares for the well-being of the dogs they rescue.  Again, thank you to all the volunteers who care so much for these wonderful dogs.  We are so happy and appreciative having Daisy healthy and home."

  • "They do things the right way......"

  • "Thank you to all of you, and I would recommend United Animal Friends to anyone looking to adopt."

  • "A good place to adopt the newest member of your family. They are kind and have a good heart."

  • "United Animal Friends is a great place to adopt. Every animal is given so much love and attention. They are friendly and incredibly helpful."

  • We adopted Didi in September 2015.  I got her for my mom, but now she runs to greet me when I come home.  I am disabled and sort of lonely but she makes me feel so loved, I call her Jodie for the joy she radiates.

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